DE BRUIR - About the designer


Garvan de Bruir has a broad background in furniture design and craftsmanship. He established a studio in Kildare Town, Ireland where he works in leather, timber and cast metals.

In design, he uses curves to create strong structural shapes. These visually simple designs are often the most technically difficult to achieve. Garvan has spent many years developing a broad manufacturing and material technology skill set in order to realise his ambitious designs.

Garvan’s earliest work in furniture design is still in production at the workshop today. A collection of tables, chairs and stool designs feature curving polished aluminium creating elegant slimline forms. The curving patterns are first made in timber and then cast in aluminium at a foundry. The poured metal allows very fluid designs to be achieved.


Structural curves feature in projects of many scales at the studio and ambitious installations and building projects are sought.  Timber craftsmanship techniques  practised as a furniture maker  are all relevant to his architectural scale works. Garvan de Bruir’s studio works in one-off installations as well as having product orientated works like his swing and garden building designs.


DE BRUIR – Leather

Garvan was introduced to leather when upholstering the chair designs pictured above. The bucket style chairs used a particular stretching technique to shape single pieces of leather into compound curving forms.

Years later when he needed a laptop bag there was leather lying around the workshop for him to make it himself. That bag’s popularity led to the establishment of the most commercial end of his studio ‘DE BRUIR’ as a thriving leather luggage and accessories brand. Items are made in the studio’s workshop and shipped to customers worldwide. This collection can be viewed on www.deBruir.com.